Psychotherapy Practice
Andrea Hugentobler

Why did I get into this crisis?
How can I find my way out of it and prevent it from happening again in the future?
Why do I keep behaving in the same patterns even though it’s not good for me?
How do I break patterns and discover new ways of thinking, feeling and acting?
How can I understand myself and others better?
How can I live more consciously?
How can I overcome wounds or traumas from my past and live a more self-determined life?


There are many reasons why a person might seek psychotherapy. Some are in a difficult or especially stressful phase in their lives, maybe even a crisis; others suffer from depression, anxiety, or other disorders keeping them from living their lives fully; some know that they have been carrying some issues with them for a long time and it is finally time to look them in the eye – be it difficulties with dealing with your own emotions, dealing with social relationships or with your sense of identity and self-worth.

Psychotherapy, as I understand it, will help you to tackle these difficulties and find answers – or discover strategies and paths leading to answers – to questions like the ones written above. The personal goals can be manyfold: Do you want to overcome a psychological disorder that has taken control of your life? Do you want to enhance your personal development and find ways to inner growth and strength? Do you want to understand why you behave in certain ways and change those behaviors? Or all together?

I can help you to figure out what you need and accompany you on your own individual path to more self-awareness, self-care and self-confidence.

How I treat

Even from stones placed on one’s path, one can build something beautiful.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
I offer psychotherapy and coaching for adults. My therapeutic approach is in its core based on the scientifically well-proven and goal-oriented methods of cognitive behavioral therapy. On top of that, I have studied and integrated other therapeutic schools into my way of working and use especially methods of emotion-focused therapy (EFT), ego-state-therapy, dialectic-behavioral therapy (DBT) and schema therapy. I also often work with imagination techniques and body-oriented interventions.

I believe that a therapist should have a broad spectrum of therapeutic strategies to choose from to find the best-suited ones for each individual patient.

It is most important in every therapy to build a trustful relationship to the patient. That is why I try to be my most authentic self, to be on a par with every patient and to show empathy and understanding. Everyone should feel accepted the way they are.

I offer psychotherapy in German and English.

Who and what I treat

I can help with a wide range of common issues like stress, anxiety and depression, as well as help you navigate complex and highly personal diagnoses. Problems can further include relationship difficulties or family or other interpersonal challenges; stresses at work or career issues; grief or loss; trauma; obsessive-compulsive or eating disorders; emotional distress; a tricky transition; or troublesome habits. I do not take patients whose main diagnosis is a substance abuse disorder or addiction, and I do not offer couple’s therapy.

Here’s an overview:
Dreamy image of a hand over water, touching it and creating subtle ripples
Anxiety and/or panic
Low self-confidence
Obsessiveness and compulsions
Depersonalisation and/or
Dating and/or relationship difficulties
Difficulties with my sexuality
Career and workplace challenges, including new job stress and job loss
Mourning and grief
Marital and family problems, including parenting concern
Life transitions, such as graduation, marriage, divorce, empty-nest, and retirement
Acute stress / Burnout syndrome
Generalized anxiety
Panic attacks / panic disorder
Specific Phobias (e.g. spider phobia)
Social anxiety
Post traumatic stressdisorder
Dissociative disorder (conversion disorder)
Depersonalisation and/or derealisation disorder
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Borderline personality disorder
Any other personality disorder
Bipolar disorder
Eating disorders (Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating)
Sleeping disorder
Sexual dysfunctions
Interior of the office


The practice is located in the heart of Baden’s old city, 5 minutes by foot from the train station.

Theaterplatz 4 5400 Baden.

It is part of the Praxisgemeinschaft Theaterplatz. We are a group of professionals sharing the same infrastructure and waiting room.

There is a big underground parking directly below the practice, Parkhaus Theaterplatz.

The practice is on the 2 nd floor, accessible by elevator or stairs.


On the same floor, there are other professionals:
• Dr. med. (SRB) Nikola Sambaher, psychiatrist
• Dr. med. univ. Lan Luo, psychiatrist
• Dr. med. univ. Olga Gericke, psychiatrist
• Dr. phil. Ruth Huggenberger, psychotherapist

If wished for and/or necessary, (e.g. need for psychiatric medication) we can collaborate with them to achieve optimal results.

I also value the collaboration with the local general practicioners to achieve optimal results for patients both from the medical and psychotherapeutic side.
Calming sea waves


The costs of the psychotherapy (including both diagnostics and therapy) are covered by the basic insurance (obligatorische Grundversicherung, OKP).

For this, your general practicioner or psychiatrist needs to fill out the form “Anordnung psychologische Psychotherapie”. If possible, please bring the completed form to the first psychotherapy session.

Self-payment is also possible. Cost per session on request. One session lasts 50 minutes. The first session is usually 75 minutes.

About Me

I have been studying psychology and psychotherapy since 2012 and have been working as a psychotherapist since 2018.

I have always been and continue to be fascinated by the human psyche. I am passionate about understanding how emotions, perceptions, thought patterns, behaviors and the social context of a person are all interconnected and how disturbances within this complex network of one human life arise – and how they can be overcome.

I strongly believe in the powers of every human being to create new solutions and discover inner strengths in times of difficulty and to regain better control of their lives and ways to more happiness and contentment.
Portrait of Andrea

Curriculum vitae:

  • 2012 – 2018 Bachelor and Master Studies in Psychology, University of Zürich
  • 2017 – 2018 Assistant for Prof. Dr. Guy Bodenmann, chair of Psychology for Children, Youth and Family Psychology and Psychotherapy, University of Zürich
  • 2019 – 2022 Postgradual studies in Psychotherapy, Akademie für Verhaltenstherapie und Methodenintegration (AIM)
  • 2018 – 2020 Psychologist at Zentrum für Stationäre Forensische Therapie (ZSFT) of the Psychiatric University Clinic of Zürich
  • 2020 – 2022 Psychologist at the Zentrum für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie Ambulant (ZPPA), Ambulatorium Aarau, Psychiatrische Dienste Aargau
  • 2021 – 2022 Psychological Psychotherapist at Praxis Dr. Mayrhofer, Schwerzenbach
  • Since Feb 2023 Work as a self-employed psychological psychotherapist in own practice in Baden

Diplomas and licenses:

  • Master of Science in Psychology, University of Zürich
  • Federally recognized psychotherapist (Eidgenössisch anerkannte Psychotherapeutin)
  • Professional psychologist for psychotherapy, recognized by the federation of Swiss psychologists (Fachpsychologin für Psychotherapie FSP)
  • Practice licences for the cantons of Aargau und Zürich


Praxis Andrea Hugentobler, Theaterplatz 4,5400 Baden
I am most easily reachable via email. If you do not receive an answer within 2-3 working days, please check your spam folder.

You can also contact me by calling my phone number and leaving a voicemail message if I do not pick up. I will call you back within 1-2 working days.

You can also send me a message onto the same number via SMS or WhatsApp. In case of emergency, please call 112 (general emergency) or 143 (Dargebotene Hand) or call/go to the nearest psychiatric emergency (Psychiatrische Dienste Aargau, Klinik Königsfelden, Windisch. Emergency: 056 481 60 06).